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Hello, My name is Elisabeth and my husband Steven and I are proffessional photographers in Seattle, WA. We shoot wedding, portraits, baby/maternity and family. Plus I shoot, and love, Theatre Photography, which includes headshots and show photography (I come to a show hired by either the theatre or the actor and photograph the show for marketing uses by either). We are also avid hikers (and nature photographers!) and really enjoy that as well. Yes, we are all around photographers and LOVE it! I am just getting this blog started so I will be posting some pictures and my first official photo blog the beginning of next week. Check back for some great new pictures then! For more information our website is www.elisabethjoyphotography.com and we have 2 portfolio sites at the moment, www.elisabethjoyphotography.myphotoalbum.com and www.elisabethjoyphotography.photoreflect.com both have wedding images, portrait sessions and our nature/landscape photography!


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